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Rewriting the Code of Life | The New Yorker

I consent to receiving promoted content. Would you like to learn more about our services? I would like to learn more about Research Outreach's services. Physical Sciences. Interactions between theory and experiments can reveal the fundamental rules of biological processes.

His approach is based on the integration of mathematics, engineering and biology and aims to provide a quantitative description of how life, as an emergent property of a complex biological network, sustains itself in diverse situations and under a variety of external stimuli. Computational models reveal how the growth of bacterial cells is governed by the way they allocate their limited resources to different cellular processes. The mathematics of life: Metabolic control in living cells was last modified: May 30th, This feature article was created with the approval of the research team featured.


Oh, Lovely: The Tick That Gives People Meat Allergies Is Spreading

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Water - Liquid Awesome: Crash Course Biology #2

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Instead, white-footed mice, other small rodents, and some birds carry the infections and pass them to ticks that blood feed on them. Deer are important, however. They are the main reproductive host for the adult stage of Blacklegged ticks.

Rule of thumb: no deer, likely no deer ticks. See deer, watch out, ticks may be present! Remember, deer typically are active at night, so even if you don't see them on your property, they may still be visiting. Look for signs, like browse on favorite plants, pellet piles or even hoof prints. TERC Answer: Blacklegged deer ticks become infected with the bacterial agent causing Lyme disease [and other disease-causing agents] when they take their blood meal from small rodents, such as white-footed mice. This makes animals like mice the 'reservoir' of infection.

Even though they are called "deer" ticks, the infections they transmit come from rodents. Prevention strategies that target ticks feeding on mice may help reduce risk of encountering infected ticks.

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