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Related topics. Philosophy of science 7 Concepts in metaphysics 6 Concepts in epistemology 4 Ontology 4 Philosophy of mind 4 Cognitive science 3 Concepts in logic 3 Epistemology 3 History of science 3 Metaphysics 3. The Power of the Unconscious The crucial role of our unconscious, and how scientists are now harnessing its powers. The people who constantly observed fasting especially during Ramadan to obtain the blessings of Allah will be granted entry through this door.

Those who observe the hajj pilgrimage will be admitted through this door. Prophet Muhammad commanded all Muslims to make at least one pilgrimage in their lifetimes, to the best of their abilities.

Opening the Door of Time (Ocarina of Time)

As was reported by Al Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad said:. This door is particularly restricted for those who suppress or control their anger toward other Muslims and are forgiving toward other everyone.

This door is reserved for the entry for those who have sincere faith and trust in Allah and who strive to follow Allah's commands. Such people have trusted Allah's decisions and are fulfilling their lives according to his demands.

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Those who constantly and excessively remember Allah dhikr will be admitted through this door. Whether it is believed that these "gates" of heaven are metaphorical or literal, it helps to see where the core values of Islam lie. The names of the gates describe spiritual practices that Muslims strive to incorporate into their lives every day.

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Greil Marcus on Why The Doors Still Matter

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